MY COOL FAVOURITE THINGS I DO$42010848.jpg favourite sport is baseball I love baseball because you can hit the ball see the ball and catch the ball.  All of thees things can boost your reflexes so you do not get hit in the face. in the summer me and my sister play in A tournament . we play for st. Williams my team lost all the time . I like to do evrey sport . I also like to do  drit bicking  in the  fall because I like to see the season. My favourite team is blue Jay.

About my cool family!!!!!!!. have one dad  and one mom two sisters and no brothers  I am the brother and the car is a mustang .  What me and my dad do together  is we ride dirt bikes and  quads and my sisters do the same to.  What me and my mom  do  is go on the t.v and wacth DVDs on the TV the kinds of moves we wacth is elf that is my all time best Christmas move is elf .What me and my sisters do some times  go on the laptop do wacth some videos online. Me and my grandpa  sometimes go fishing together  same with my dads dad and mom we went fishing it was fun .


I like B M X and biking and I can do some cool stunts. Why i like B M X because you can do big jumps I have A moutin bike  I ride my bike every day and I get my legs stronger  .You get really healthy thats why I like bikeing.

About Me

My name is DylanK what I like to do is fishing why I like to do it so i can try to catch fish .And I love to bike at the skate park .I love to camp  when I was up north with my grampaits at two camp sites as martinriver and grundy .i also like to go hunting .  In baseball my team won a record not winning a game in the season.  My favourite game is World at War and Black Ops.  Why I like the games because I get to shoot Zombies.  My worse day is Thursday.  My favourite day is summer hollidays and Christmas Holidays.  So I don”t have to fo to school.  My best subject is gym.  What I love to do is fight.  What I won’t to do is UFC title.